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Software Upgrade/Installation
Troubleshooting (Hardware & Software)
Hardware Upgrade/Installation

Software running slow?

Windows taking a while to boot up?

If yes, this package may be for you - from a Windows operating system upgrade to an Office upgrade, no job is too big or too small.

We can advise on the best package to suit your needs and we can cater for 1 user to as many as you can throw at us!

We take every precaution to ensure no data is lost and we document vital information should we need to perform any maintenance or troubleshooting in the future.

Is your cimputer just not turning on?

Is your computer or laptop running slow?

Does your computer or laptop keep crashing?

Do programs keep returning a 'Not Responding' error?

The above signs can be a sign of a few common issues such as virus', hardware faults or even something simple like the computer not being optimised for your intended use.

Our engineers are on hand to fix this for you and identify any viruses and/or hardware faults or to simply optimise your system for your intended use case.

Want to improve the performance of your computer or laptop?

Need more hard drive space?

Windows taking forever to load?

If so you could benefit from a hardware upgrade. Our service includes figuring out what hardware should be upgraded and then completing the upgrade itself.

Our engineers will be able to get your computer working to a better standard than before and we take every precaution to ensure no data is lost.

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Does this apply to you?
Does this apply to you?
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Website Design
Business Starter Package
Website Development

Do you want a beautifully designed website to suit your needs?

It could be clear cut and concise or multiple lengthy and content rich pages, we can cater for your needs.

We keep our customer in mind every step of the way to ensure that YOU are happy with the overall design.

After the design process, you can either have us take on the development of your site or pass it onto another development team.

Are you starting up a new business?

If so, there are a few things you will need to give yourself a professional start in the business world:

A custom website
A custom domain name
A custom email solution

Once you have the above three essentials, you will be ready to start your business adventure.

So you have a design in mind or even down on paper, great! Now we need to make your dream a reality.

Our development team are eager to get to work on creating your website for you and releasing it to the internet for all to see.

We will work with you until you are happy with the look, feel and working of your website and will not give up until you are content.

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